Mehndi Designs Images of Arabic Bridal & Henna Style


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Do you know, What is ‘Mehndi Designs’?

‘Mehndi designs’ it’s an art of making various kinds of designs with Mehndi on hands or feet mostly for ladies. The art of Mehandi designs is usually a huge collection or a group of small designs in one pattern generally drawn on hands or feet.  In Asian Countries normally women use Mehndi designs for skin decoration but in Pakistan and India it is specially used for festival celebrations like ‘Diwali, Eid, Bhai Dooj, Karwa Chauth, Teej.  Painting hands, legs with Mehndi paste is a fashion statement in India, Pakistan and Arab countries. Various kinds of Mehndi is available in the market like Henna, Red, Black Henna and Glitter and various kinds of colors also available for Mehndi designs otherwise you will simply select the normal ones. With Mehndi Designs Hands look superb. In other countries like USA, UK, Mehndi is called as Henna and now a day’s in foreign countries there’s a craze for Mehndi designs. Mehandi Designs is not a permanent way of designing hands but as a fashion statement it is more popular worldwide like tattoo designs. People draw these Mehndi designs as temporary tattoos. Here is a set of the lovely Mehandi Designs for each occasion and if you like it please share it with your friends, mates, colleagues, pals, dogs (:D) etc.

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Types of Mehandi Designs

There are various types of Mehandi Designs but we are sharing some of them and they are as following.

  1. Arabic Mehndi Designs.
  2. Bridal Mehndi Designs.
  3. Latest Mehndi Designs.
  4. Simple Mehndi Designs.
  5. Henna Mehndi Designs or (Henna Designs).


Arabic Mehndi Designs

If you are familiar with the superior art of Mehndi designs, then only you will understand that drawing Arabic Mehndi Designs on hands is one of the hardest but most beautiful amongst all types of Mehandi designs. Arabic Mehndi Designs is an attractive style for females to beautifying their hands.  With the use of Mehndi, while drawing Arabic Mehndi Designs, Temporary tattoos might be created, with the help of Arabic mehndi designs as we all know everyone is mad about tattoo designs.

The prettiness / look / texture of the Arabic Mehndi Designs would be totally different from other types of Mehandi designs which totally depends on the experience, flexibility, and talent of the Mehndi Designer, who is applying Arabic Mehndi Designs.  So, if you are interested in Arabic Mehndi Designs, first of all, make sure that you must hire professional Mehandi Designer who is having knowledge of different types of Mehandi Designs and 5 to 6 years of experience in Mehndi Designing and professional skill of applying Arabic Mehandi Designs!

Arabic Mehndi Designs would be so pretty?

Answer:  Nowadays, this type of Mehandi Designs are the toughest one to draw but their look is elegant. Anyone can easily get dazzled with Arabic Mehndi Designs. If you want to draw the attention of your partner on you and desire to spend quality time, then you must go with Arabic Mehandi designs.  As discussed above this type of Mehandi designs are the most beautiful between all types of Mehandi Designs because all the Line, Flowers, Petals, whatever you will draw on hands or feet needs a professional attention and all the drawing must be with a fine and thin lines of Mehndi Paste. It is a reason that Arabic Mehndi Design is a preferable Mehandi design pattern worldwide. In Arabic Mehndi designs, humans or animals were not used only floral styles turns to this category. This is the reason people might prefer Arabic designs, more than other patterns.

Arabic Mehndi Designs can be applied on men’s hand, and these designs are more costly compared to other Mehandi Designs because it involves professional work.  If you’re in favor of doing it yourself, various Mehandi designs books and images are out there that can assist you about how to draw Arabic Mehndi designs perfectly and precisely for any occasions, festivals or in the wedding.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

As we all know that in India, Pakistan and in Arab countries Mehndi ritual is the most important ‘Rasam’ (ritual) at the time of wedding but, for wedding occasion only Bridal Mehndi Designs is in use. There was a saying “The wedding is like One moment – Two Hearts – Three Knots”, there should be a moment and two hearts i.e. bride & groom, without them wedding is incomplete likewise all the rituals at the time of the wedding is incomplete without Bridal Mehndi Designs. Bridal Mehandi Designs invokes the enjoyment in the bridal ceremony, therefore, to beautify the hands and foot Bridal Mehndi Designs should be chosen precisely along with her Relatives.

There were thousands of beauty salons and professional staff or household ladies who visits the bride’s home with their huge collection of Bridal Mehndi Designs and various books for selecting one special design for bride’s Mehndi ritual from their collection. After the drawing of Mehandi designs, they get paid. In Bride’s Mehndi ritual most important and tough part for the Bride is selecting the most beautiful Bridal Mehndi Designs, so, her relatives and parents or mates help her in choosing the best mehandi designs. Drawing / writing the name of the groom between the Bridal mehndi design is an important ritual at the time of wedding which is to be drawn on bride’s hand. Bridal mehndi designs are hard to draw on the body but not difficult as comparatively Arabic mehndi designs. Bridal mehndi designs mostly a collection of animals, peacock, and humans. Not like floral designs. It is the most typical type of the classic Mehandi designs.

Focusing only in best Bridal Mehndi Designs, it can give an amazing look to your hands and feet. Bridal mehndi style may be selected in connection with the dress of the bride. If you are in a search of best bridal Mehandi designs to draw on your hand then keep one thing in your mind that you must go for the skillful and talented mehndi artist. You can get hundreds of artists with a simple internet search. Then go for their previous work. If you’re careful in your selection, then you’ll create your day a lot of memorable with exceptional Mehandi designs to garnish your hands and to make you feel like an embellished bride. Bridal Mehndi has an important place in Pakistani wedding also and also in Asian countries.

Latest Mehndi Designs

There were a thousand types of henna designs and each and every country has its special and unique style of mehndi, for example, as discussed above in Arab country only Arabic mehndi designs are famous and in India, Bridal mehndi Designs are so popular likewise, latest mehndi designs are also entering into a new fashion trend.

To begin with latest mehndi designs, as per the term ‘latest’ that means all new, trendy and cool henna designs which are popular in all over the world not in a specific country. Anyway, their fame is worldwide and nowadays these designs are preferable by most of the people. Although they’re quite similar with Indian, Pakistani and Arabic henna Designs but latest mehndi designs have their own specialty and attractiveness. New and latest mehndi designs may even be used throughout celebrations in India and Pakistan as they are really exceptional in look. These days latest mehndi design is a perfect way to beautify hands with Henna Designs.

Talking about the latest mehndi designs, one fact is to mention here is that, these patterns are a combination of floral, petal, classical, bridal, Arabic and Simple Henna Designs which is in use globally. Normally, Latest  Mehndi Designs are most probably useful for hands but some people use these Henna Designs on feet also. In marriage, bridal mehndi design is only for the bride but latest mehndi design is for all the relatives who are attending the marriage.

Henna Designs

What is Henna?

Henna word derived from Arabic language and it is a one type of shrub. Henna leaves might be used as hair dye. Henna is available in various colors like green, red, and Black. In medieval age, Henna is more likely used as Ayurvedic and natural medicine because of its ability to get rid of skin infection and impurities.

Henna Designs: 

Henna Designs are also referred as Mehandi Designs which is in use especially by women though men also draw the eyes catching Henna designs into their marriage. Henna designs are drawn in various shapes and styles, and lots of ladies love Henna Flower Designs for their hand because of its delicate look. To draw Henna Designs, a really steady hand is needed. In previous years, the Henna paste was applied with a stick for perfection in designing. These days, ready to use Henna cone with a little hole on its edge is available in the market so it is easy to draw beautiful henna designs on hands.

Henna Designs and its importance in the wedding.

Indian ladies draw henna designs not only for their wedding but also for every festival. As we discussed above in India there were thousands of Henna Saloons that offer designing service at the time of the wedding or for every occasions and festival. Typically Bridal Henna Designs were drawn on the bride’s hands or feet. it’s an important ritual for her to call all of her friends or relatives to her home for a Mehndi ceremony. All the ladies get their hands and feet designed with Henna designs, however, the bride’s Henna design is most beautiful amongst them.

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